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1641 words by attila written on 2001–12–27, last edit: 2016–07–29, tags: rant

Immortality Insanity.

Or to put it another way:

Sanity Mortality. … read more

And now, a message from the Chief Dissonance Officer

688 words by attila written on 2003–02–07, last edit: 2016–08–05, tags: rant, snark, system

Friends Americans Countrymen lend me your fears.

Heh heh little joke there. Hello it’s me your Chief Dissonance Officer showing you that I’m not afraid of a little joke now and then just like anyone else. I’d like to have a frank little chat with you … read more


332 words by attila written on 2014–08–11, last edit: 2016–08–04, tags: rant

Nothing is ever fixed. It never gets fixed. It just gets pushed away until it isn’t in plain sight and then it’s still not fixed. Fixing things means breaking other things. The wrapper on a new screwdriver. Your own stupid brain. Whatever. Eggs. Omelettes. Fixing means … read more

The Dangers of Hope

1069 words by attila written on 2016–02–07, last edit: 2016–08–04, tags: rant

We are easily subjugated by those who would give us hope: it is one of our greatest weaknesses. Hope like its cousin belief are shams scams and ultimately shake-downs. It is an emotion that people are constantly told they must have precisely because it serves those who … read more

This Is Not Our Planet

1405 words by attila written on 2012–11–27, last edit: 2012–11–28, tags: agro, rant, system

This is not our planet. It is A planet and as far as we are concerned it is THE planet but it is not OUR planet. It is a planet that many other life-forms are unfortunate enough to share with us … read more

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